Choosing the right chiropractor for your needs is a very important and often worrisome decision.  We understand this and want you to have as much information as possible to make a sound choice.  If you would like to share your experience with others please click the link to get to our Google place page.


Tim (lower back pain)

I have been going here for years. Dr. Ken is has always helped me when my lower back flares up. I know I have a few bulging discs and his treatments are the main reason I have not had to have shots or possible surgery. He also takes the time to discuss how I can change what I do at home/work to benefit my condition, which has really been good along with the treatments.


Kim (lower back pain post-surgery)

Wonderful place to have chiropractic care. Dr. Ken was very thorough going over all of my health concerns, and I appreciated his honesty in response to what we would and/or would not be able to do (I have had surgeries in the past). I was feeling better immediately following the first treatment, and after a few more I was back to my regular self. Friendly and relaxed environment with great results. Thank You.


Brian (lower back pain)

Great experience. Dr. Ken takes the time to explain the process and expectations beforehand. The treatments have been great for my lower back pain and headaches. This is the best I have felt in years. I highly recommend Bowers Family Chiropractic.


Susan (neck pain)

Extremely happy with my treatments at Bowers Family Chiropractic. I don't like having my neck "cracked" but do prefer my lower back adjusted with more force. Dr. Ken does a great job altering/providing different techniques to fit my needs. For anyone who has experienced a "one size fits all" approach and didn't get the results you wanted , try Bowers Family Chiropractic. You won't be disappointed!


Adam (lower back pain)

I work in construction and constantly deal with lower back issues. Since having treatments at Bowers Family Chiropractic I am able to work pain free and have even picked up old hobbies like bowling and golf. Dr. Ken knows his stuff and his treatments are great. I highly recommend Bowers Family Chiropractic.


Denise (upper back stress and headaches)

Dr. Ken has really helped me with my headaches, neck and upper back pain, and a shoulder injury I had last year. He has also seen my son for various things like headaches and general growing pains. Dr. Ken uses different therapies/techniques depending on the problem and/or person which I really like. Overall a great place and I highly recommend Dr. Ken to anyone looking for a chiropractor.


Kelly (sports injuries)

Dr. Ken has really helped me with some chronic shoulder and upper back issues I have had as a result of sports injuries. I still like to be quite active and having treatments here makes all the difference. Dr. Ken uses multiple techniques and therapies for when I am in pain or just in for a tune up before a competition. Very knowledgeable in stretches and exercises which has helped a lot. Also, Dr. Ken gives out his personal information to make sure he is always accessible. I have only called once for an emergency appointment but it's nice to have the option, and it shows how much he really cares and enjoys what he does. Overall best chiropractor I've been to.


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